The Play
"A crotchety old widower survives his loneliness by clinging to religious rules.  A successful
young man insulates himself against his isolation by burying his emotions and focusing on his

Their paths would have been unlikely to cross. Then the young man almost drives into the
widower and is charged with reckless driving.  A community service sentence, in the form of
regular visits to Mr. Green, has been imposed.  Both resent being forced together.

In Visiting Mr. Green, Baron presents the perfect balance of giving the impression of
weightlessness while making some profound observations.  A play that is revelatory of
character with almost every word spoken, it also has an aura of familiarity - you may not have
known these two men, but you have known someone, somewhere that is like some aspect of
each of them.

Run, don't walk, to visit Mr. Green. This show is not to be missed."
                                        -Ottawa review by Iris Winston    
"An elderly Manhattanite has retreated from life after his wife's death, and he's
letting himself and his apartment go to ruin. Then chance brings a younger man
-- lonely too but instinctively nurturing -- into his life.  In the soul-searching
moments that follow, the men sort through family and social issues: children
who don't grow up according to parents' plans, the value of tradition versus the
benefit of rethinking old rules, and the absurdity of pushing love away if it
doesn't conform to certain conditions."     - Daryl H. Miller, Los Angeles Times
Mr. Green, an elderly, retired dry cleaner
wanders into New York traffic and is almost hit
by a car driven by Ross Gardiner, a 29-year-old
corporate executive.  The young man is given a
community service of helping the recent
widower once a week for six months.  What
starts as a comedy about two men who do not
want to be in the same room together becomes
a gripping, moving drama as they get to know
each other, and open old wounds they've been
hiding and nursing for years.  Translated into 22
languages, with over 500 productions in 46
countries, it has won numerous Best Play and
Best Actor Awards.

★★★★★ "A great piece of theatre" -- LONDON

"A cannily crafted comedy-drama about
friendship, family, and forgiveness.  Baron's play
runs like a well-oiled express."  --NY NEWSDAY

"Visites á Mr Green is, very simply, a great,
beautiful, essential moment of theatre.  It grabs
us at the beginning and doesn't let us go until
the end."             --FRANCE SOIR

"A wise, absorbing and funny play that packs
quite a punch.   Sparks fly.”

"Delicate, compact and compelling.  A powerful
Visiting Mr. Green