The KulturPreis Europa has been awarded annually
since 1992 to someone from the arts, politics or
economics in recognition of a contribution to
European culture that promotes tolerance across
national and societal borders.

The award proclamation cites Jeff Baron and his
collaborators on Visiting Mr. Green as "persons who
commit their strength and resources to make others
aware that Europe has the potential to serve as a
model of peaceful coexistence between a wide
variety of people whose differences are seen as
valuable gifts, not something foreign that should
generate fear or be combatted."
Fritz Muliar, the Austrian Mr. Green with
Jeff Baron, the night they received the
Kulterpreis Europa.
Giorgos Michalakopoulos &
Gerasimos Skiadaresis
Micha Selektar &
Yossi Graber
Jörg Schüttauf and Alexander May
Best Play Awards
Best Touring Play - Germany
Best Foreign Play - Uruguay
Pepe Soriano and Facundo Arana
Best Play Nominees
New York - Drama League
Paris - Moliere Awards
Buenos Aires - ACE and Clarin Awards
Best Actor (partial list)
Paulo Autran - Brazil
Johnny Kraaijkamp - The Netherlands
Eli Wallach - New York
Giorgos Michalakopoulos - Greece
Pepe Soriano, Facundo Arana - Argentina
Thomas Joussier, Philippe Clay - France
Yossi Graber - Israel
Jerry Russell - Dallas
Cody Nickell - Connecticut
Nissim Sharim - Chile
Mike Nussbaum - Chicago
Paul Rees, Ralph Williams - Wales
Stanislav Zindulka
& Matěj Hádek
Visiting Mr. Green
Iván Garcia - Dominican Republic
Juan José Otegui - Spain
Ben Hammer - Denver