Visiting Mr. Green has been one of
the great successes in Brazilian
theatre history, seen by hundreds of
thousands of theatregoers over the
past 20 years.

The original production opened in
2000, starring beloved actor
, who also did the translation,
playing opposite
Cássio Scapi,
directed by
Elias Andreato and
produced by
Alexandre Dórea
It played for a year and a
half in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and
on tour throughout Brazil.  Paulo
Autran won both the APCA and the
Shell Best Actor award for his
portrayal of Mr. Green.

In 2005, a revival ran for another full
year, including a tour of Portugal,
again starring Paulo Autran and Cássio
Scapin, then
Dan Stulbach.

A revival starring
Sergio Mamberti
Ricardo Gelli, directed by Cassio
and produced by Carlos
toured Brazil from
2015-2019, and was invited to be part
of the Chekhov International Theatre
Festival in Moscow in July, 2019.
Visiting Mr. Green