Visites à Mister Green ran for 8 months at
Theatre La Bruyere in Paris starring Philippe
and Thomas Joussier, pictured above.  It
was nominated for 4 Moliere Awards - both
actors, the adaptation by
Stéphanie Galland
Thomas Joussier, and Jeff Baron, for
Best Play.  After a 17-city tour of France,
à Mister Green
reopened in Paris for two
months at the historic
Theatre Antoine.

A completely new production starring Jacques
Boudet and Thomas Joussier is currently touring
"For his debut in the theatre, the American
writer Jeff Baron imagines a tasty
confrontation.  This is not doctrinaire
theatre.  It is a small heap of secrets
observed with humour and accuracy.  
Hurry to visit Mr. Green.  Soon all of Paris
will be knocking at his door."
- Jacques Nelson,

"The text of the American Jeff Baron is
marvellous for many reasons.  It is simple,
yet full of humor, emotion, and
tenderness... not with great
pronouncements, but small moments from
everyday life."
- Marie-Celine
Nivière,                                          PARISCOPE

"Visites à Mr Green is, very simply, a great,
beautiful, essential moment of theatre.  It
grabs us at the beginning and doesn't let
us go until the end."      
- Dominique Perez,
Visiting Mr. Green