Visiting Mr. Green
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''A cannily crafted comedy-melodrama about friendship, family, open-mindedness and forgiveness.
Baron's play runs like a well-oiled express. A feel-good winner.” NEW YORK NEWSDAY

★★★★★ Jeff Baron's VISITING MR. GREEN is a great piece of theatre. What ensues isn't merely a clash
of generations but also a clash of what's safe and familiar and what's real. Baron's story is a cry for
humanity, and it finds sublime expression. LONDON SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

“Apart from its considerable wit and understanding, the strength of VISITING MR GREEN is the rich
tapestry it weaves from the characters’ lives. The tormented histories, the persecution, the solitary
isolation - and the romance, faith and happiness. VISITING MR GREEN is thoughtful and absorbing.”

"A young man has bumped into an old man with his car, causing him to fall. The patient has recovered,
but the judge sentences the young American Express executive to community service. Once a week, for
six months, the young man has to visit the victim of his driving, caring for him, feeding him and helping
him. Visiting Mr. Green has the taste of real life. It is written in a concise form, alive with surprises. It’s
no wonder that Baron's play has become a real theatre hit around the world. The theme is this: let us
accept one another as we are. This is the only way we can get through life's difficulties and arrive at the
same ending as the play - a hint of happy possibilities. Klockriketeatern has a treasure in its hands."

"A great evening in the theatre. This is what theatre is - wonderful performances and a touching story
you relate to. There's something in VISITING MR. GREEN every single person can take home with
them." WOR RADIO (New York)

"The joys of VISITING MR. GREEN are many. The script has warmth, wit and wisdom. He plays out the
story like an expert fisherman playing out his line just enough to keep the bait interesting. An audience
hangs on every word and eagerly awaits the next bit of information about these two eminently interesting
characters." THE BERGEN NEWS

"VISITING MR GREEN is a wise, absorbing and often funny play that packs quite a punch. Baron
creates two lively, intriguing characters with enormous potential for conflict. Sparks fly.” SUNDAY
TELEGRAPH (Australia)

“VISITING MR GREEN is an impressive achievement. I was reminded of Arthur Miller in the depth of
characterization, although we have more fun with Baron than with Miller." GREEN LEFT WEEKLY

“VISITING MR GREEN is one of the most moving, entertaining and mesmerizing productions I have
seen for a while. The script is intelligent and sharp, balancing the emotional effects with awesome
dexterity. Baron tickles our funny bone, then proceeds to drain the audience with moments of electrifying
emotion. See this." REVOLVER MAGAZINE

"It is doubtful you are likely to encounter a play more enjoyable, more honestly funny and in the end,
more moving than this quite delightful two-hander by New Yorker Jeff Baron. Sensitively directed and
acted, there is not a false note to be detected anywhere. You will leave the theatre, as I did, warmed,
exhilarated and reassured that as long as there are people who can reach people, life is not really so bad

"VISITING MR. GREEN is as warmly satisfying as a bowl of chicken soup. Jeff Baron's comedy-drama is
an emotional, insightful odyssey that deals with generational conflict, the trials and terrors of aging, social
and sexual mores, and religion. VISITING MR. GREEN ends with a beginning, the kind of beginning that
adds to its universal appeal." DENVER POST

"An elderly Manhattanite has retreated from life after his wife's death, and he's letting himself and his
apartment go to ruin. Then chance brings a younger man - lonely too, but instinctively nurturing - into his
life. VISITING MR. GREEN tells its story with such quiet conviction than theatregoers find tears trickling
down their cheeks before they realize what's hit them. It's a beautiful exercise in learning to live with -
and care for - one another." LOS ANGELES TIMES

“Jeff Baron plays his cards right in the not-too-sentimental VISITING MR. GREEN. Borrowing from the
realism of Ibsen (without his heightening of situation) and the naturalism of Strindberg (sans the
symbolism), Baron finds drama in everyday life. What initially looks like a script about incongruent
generational values ends up as an involving exploration of prejudice. Brought together by chance, the
two solitary men show the healing power of simple friendship." PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY

“Far from delivering an earnest homily, Baron uses his sometimes gentle, sometimes sharp brand of
humour to devastating effect. Both funny and poignant, VISITING MR. GREEN is a piece of theatre
made in heaven." YORKSHIRE POST (England)

“There are plays that touch you, plays that make you laugh, and plays that just make you glad you went
to the theatre. Jeff Baron's VISITING MR. GREEN is all three of those. CHICAGO CENTERSTAGE

“Baron tells his tale with a discerning freshness and originality, without a misstep and without recourse to
easy sentimentality. It unfolds with taste and wit. You'd need a heart of stone not to be moved by the
ending. VISITING MR. GREEN is one of the best shows around." CHICAGO DAILY HERALD

"A young, New York executive sentenced to six months of community service meets Mr. Green, an 86
year old Jewish widower. As their quirky, unlikely friendship develops, they peel away layers of
resentment and denial to find acceptance, warmth and forgiveness. This heartwarming play will draw
laughter, tears and knowing nods of understanding from the audiences. A must see play!!"

"In Jeff Baron's sublime and understated play examining the exorbitant cost of intolerance, Manhattan
corporate executive Ross Gardiner is ordered by a court to pay weekly visits to the octogenarian he
almost hit with his car. As their relationship develops, the two divulge secrets for which each has
exacted a profound price and which could also destroy their tenuous bond. Touching performances
complement Baron's clever allegory on the need for an emotional link between parents and their
children." LA WEEKLY
It is only once in a long while that a play arrives in town unheralded and, against all expectations, proves
itself to be such a gem that it holds you in its thrall from beginning to end. The two-hander VISITING MR.
GREEN is just such a work and one which will shine in the memory for years to come." THE

"In Jeff Baron's VISITING MR. GREEN, crisp, easy dialogue, wit and the complexity of relationships form
an enduring core. One delights in the form and the structure of the piece and even its understated
resolution. It has the feel of a good old Hollywood movie.” GANNETT SUBURBAN NEWSPAPERS

“I was gripped and moved by this play, and found its final moments overwhelmingly affecting. The
second act pushes the play into dramatic territory reminiscent of King Lear. A sentimental King Lear
perhaps, but the play’s analysis of the strength and apparent cruelty of devout faith reveals Jeff Baron to
be a dramatist capable of toughness and rigour as well as the three-Kleenex weepie. The moment when
these two men suddenly recognise themselves in each other is theatre at its potent best.”

"The story develops from an insignificant chance meeting into a riveting psychodrama. The audience
applauded and stamped its approval for a brief, yet intense evening of theater." AACHENER ZEITUNG

“This play is delicate, compact and compelling. VISITING MR. GREEN by the American writer Jeff Baron
is a powerful play about the ways rigid beliefs can lead to disaster. Baron provides insight into human
closed-mindedness without being preachy or heavy-handed.” VOLKSKRANT (Holland)

“The play is not merely about opposites finding a mutual point of agreement. It's about honest, inner
fears and prejudices, hurts, imagined and real, and most of all, tolerance and acceptance - an excellent

“For a first play, VISITING MR. GREEN is written with a surprising sense of quiet confidence. Its anti-
prejudice statement springs naturally from the situation. Funny, sweet and humane, this neatly crafted
comedy-drama is warm and satisfying.” HOUSTON CHRONICLE

"An exciting and brilliant human comedy in which laughter and sadness are intertwined. It describes with
heartbreaking precision the soul of an elderly man." MOTKE (Israel)

"This piece is deliciously topical. It is universal, impactful, important. A masterpiece that will stay with
you for a long time. " LE MAGUE (Paris)

"An intimate and prodigious tragi-comedy that knows how to scratch the soul and engage the audience
completely." LA GAZZETA (Italy)

"Go see this wonderful show that teaches the essenceof humanity and the connection between
opposites, acceptance of the other, and especially the commandment "Love thy neighbor as thyself."
HABAMA (Tel Aviv)

"An exciting comic drama about loneliness and parenting and prejudices. A brilliant, moving and funny
play performed by two wonderful actors." IPA (Israel)
"This tale of religious, social and family traditions, love and loyalty, prejudice and persecution, and secret
emotions and lives is, like life, funny and sad, but more importantly, a rewarding evening of fine theater.
Alive with humor and insight." POST-STANDARD (Syracuse, NY)

A humorous and moving tale of an unlikely friendship that crosses the generation gap. Well worth
popping in for a visit." ★★★★★ COVENTRY EVENING TELEGRAPH (England)

"The best theater occurs when every aspect of a play culminates in an enjoyable evening of
entertainment. That is what happens with Visiting Mr. Green, by Jeff Baron, ia heartwarming story of
intergenerational friendship. Expertly, Baron allows audiences to care for the characters, but also builds
tension between them. It is powerful and moving." THE BEACON NEWS (Illinois)